Doctrine Class

This class is designed to be the first point of connection for those considering Church at the Well as their church home for either a season or for a lifetime. It also serves as the biblical foundation from which our theology and community exists.  Content of the series includes a doctrinal exposition of the Scriptures, God, Creation, Sin, Salvation, The Holy Spirit, the Missional Church, Stewardship, and Spiritual Gifts.

The Doctrine Class is open to everyone. It's a great intro and place to get started for those who are curious and for those who are excited to get connected. The Doctrine Class is a requirement for membership.

The class is split into four two hour sessions.

Current Class:

464 Bremen St.
Suite B-3
Boston MA 02128

Wednesday 3/8/17 - 7pm

Wednesday 3/15/17 - 7pm

Wednesday 3/21/17 - 7pm

Wednesday 3/29/17 - 7pm